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Case Studies

This page describes some of the exciting projects we have worked on since Howard Communications Ltd. was formed in 2006. This will demonstrate we have the expertise to help you whether you are in the telecoms, power, wind farm or oil & gas sectors.

Our clients range from companies with decades of experience through to those with no previous knowledge of the submarine cable industry.

US-Bermuda Cable System

Our Client, Key Tech, wanted to build a new telecommunications fibre optic submarine cable from Bermuda to USA. We were worked on the initial feasibility study, which determined that a new cable was uneconomic, so we developed a new plan to recover part of a previously-retired cable and re-lay it on its new route and this plan was viable.

We developed the technical specifications and other contract documents and worked with the chosen contractor to install the system, including new terminal equipment to allow GigE services to be carried alongside more traditional SDH traffic. We assisted our Client with preparing the documentation required for their permit applications and wrote operational and maintenance documents to enable the system to be placed into service on time and within budget. The CB-1 system, owned by Cable Co, is now in service.

The US-Bermuda system is now carrying commercial traffic.

Oil & Gas

Offshore oil & gas platforms are moving further offshore and data volumes are increasing rapidly. This means that traditional radio and satellite solutions are no longer viable.

Fibre Optic submarine cables provide a cost-effective alternative, but their engineering is more difficult due to the conflicting demands of pipelines, platforms risers etc. The project interfaces are more complex due to the multiple parties involved in these operations and of course the oil & gas industry applies the very highest standards of health and safety.


We have the experience to manage submarine cable projects in an offshore environment.

Offshore Wind Farms

To work effectively, the offshore wind farm power cables need to be carefully engineered and installed so maximum energy flow is assured through the asset lifetime. They may also require fiber optic communications links for effective control.

We wrote the technical specification and do the tender evaluation for the installation of a major UK offshore wind farm.

We have recently prepared a market-study report on the offshore wind farm industry for a major Client.

Quality Assurance (ISO-9000 & ISO-14000)

The Owners of a major Trans-Pacific cable system placed the supply contract with a European supplier. Carrying out the Quality Assurance audits, to ISO-9000, and acceptance testing would have have been very costly if they had done all this themselves.

We are based in London, with easy access to superb transport links, such as Heathrow airport and the Eurostar train stations, so we can easily get anywhere in Europe, or further afield, thus saving our Clients significant travel and subsistence costs.

Think of us next time your travel budget is under pressure

Schools, Universities or ' Just Curious'

We often get requests for information about the submarine cable industry. We are happy to answer these questions without charge but obviously, our paid work comes first!

We also do some teaching work and have special rates for academic institutions either for preparing course material or when we attend in person or via a video link.The Subsea industry provides a wealth of interesting case studies to supplement any engineering or science course.

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